English for Moms & Dads

Mom, can you help me with my English homework?

Who doesn’t know this question? To answer this question – learn English like your child. Or improve your English language. In this course we use the same books as the public school uses to teach your children:

3. / 4. class – Herer comes Superbus 1 - 3*
5. / 6. class – Top Deck 1 & 2
Secondary school – New Inspiration 2 & 3**

*During school years 2019/2020 the books “Here comes Super Bus 1 – 3” are being used. With the switch to Lehrplan 21 for school year 2020/2021 a new book called “Double Decker 1 & 2” will be introduced.
** The books on all secondary school level (Real-, Sekundar- & Bezirksschule) are the same.

Learn in a 60 minutes lesson per week the same way as your child is being taught in school. The course book is included in the fee. This way you have the possibility of taking notes during the lesson. The respective activity or work book is included as well to allow you doing the same exercises as your child in school. Additionally, we will be discussing possible answers to questions on homework of your children.

The course lasts a semester (September – January / February – July). There is no lesson during school holidays and on public holidays.

The tuition takes place on the premises of Sprachspielerein in Hofmatt 4a in Abtwil.

In case of high demand additional courses will be offered.