Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions – language courses (GTC) regulate the contractual relationship between Sprachspielerei, Abtwil AG and the customer. These GTC are a component of every completed contract for language courses. The version published on the homepage of Sprachspielerei, Abtwil AG applies.

A - General

1. A training contract will be completed between the customer and Sprachspielerei, Abtwil AG (subsequently „Sprachspielerei“) by written notification, signing a lesson agreement or by attending a lesson for the first time.

2. Lesson programme and lesson goals are defined by the teaching material used by Sprachspielerei or by agreement between Sprachspielerei and the customer. The teaching materials used by Sprachspielerei are following the stages of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

3. The length of a lesson is 60 minutes.

4. The minimum length of a course is 12 weeks.

5. In case of a cancellation within less than 5 working days prior to the start of the course and without finding a replacement participant, a cancellation fee of CHF 300.00 will be charged. Any fee must be paid within 10 days or before the beginning of the course.

6. Sprachspielerei is not liable for any damages caused or incurred by the customer. Sprachspielerei has the right to dismiss participants from a course at any time if he/she is disturbing the lesson – without any claim of reimbursement of paid course fees.

B – Group Courses

1. Participants: A minimum of 3 participants is required for a group course. Group courses can be cancelled if there are too few participants or cannot be combined with other group courses. If neither a suitable group solution nor a change to private lesson is possible the remaining credit will be paid back within 30 days.

2. Timetable: Group courses take place at a set time and day. Changes can only be made in agreement between all the participants and Sprachspielerei.

3. Missed Lessons (non-attendance, absence or stopping before course end): Participants who fail to attend lessons, or who stop a course, are not entitled to a refund or reduction of the course fees.

4. Termination: It is not possible to terminate a group course.

C – Private Courses (One to One, Two to One)

1. Timetable: Times of private lessons (One to One, Two to One) will be determined in discussion between the customer and Sprachspielerei. A cancellation of an agreed lesson must be announced 24 hours prior to the lesson – either via phone or via e-mail. Failure to do so will carry the full cost of the cancelled lesson.

2. Termination: The termination of a private lesson course is possible at any time with a four weeks’ notice period. The notice period starts one day after receipt of the written termination (either via e-mail or via letter). After receipt of the termination Sprachspielerei will send a confirmation providing information about a possible credit. A cancellation fee of CHF 300.00 will be deducted from the remaining credit. The refund of the credit will be made 30 days after receipt of the termination letter. The customer has the right to offset the value of services paid for, but not received, against a later course or transfer it to a third party. No cancellation fee will apply in this case. This credit will expire 6 months after the start of the course.

D – In-company Trainings

1. The conditions of „A – General Courses“ and „C – Private Courses“ apply but not those for „ B – Group Courses“. Any special terms, conditions or agreements between Sprachspielerei and the customer may apply.

E – Place of Fulfilment / Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

1. Sprachspielerei reserves the right to make changes to the course programme, course prices and terms on conditions without giving prior notice. The course programme, prices and terms and conditions given on our website www.sprachspielerei.ch are valid and binding.

2. Place of fulfilment for all obligations from a training contract and the jurisdiction for disputes from this legal relationship is Abtwil AG. Any contracts completed with Sprachspielerei are subject to Swiss law, in particular article 394ff (Auftrag – Contract for Services) OR.

Abtwil AG, August 2019